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Leafware on BRAVO TV's Hit Series 'TOP CHEF' 

Leafware was featured on BRAVO's hit television series, Top Chef on "Soiree in the Swamp". Here are the final results, displayed beautifully on our palm leaf dinnerware.



Leafware! The coolest use (ever!Mom Goes Green) for fallen leaves…

“Usually the mere mention of “fallen leaves” makes me groan and roll my eyes, because it means I’ll have a rake in my hands for hours on end cleaning up my yard. This time I was grinning from ear to ear, because the leaves arrived neatly packaged in a box… and there was absolutely no raking involved!”

Source: Mom Goes

Leafware: A Great Paper Plate Alternative;

“When I started planning our switch to a plastic free and paper free kitchen I started researching products that would help us make a smooth transition. I was messing around with google one day and came across this really cool company: Leafware.”


Sustainable Dinnerware is Leafware

“The fallen leaves, such as banana and palms, are carefully harvested, hygienically cleaned and pressed to various shapes to form plates, bowls and trays. The result is a classic, tasteful look suitable for most any occasion”

Source: Feel Good

Palm Leaf Dinnerware…

“RUNKA sees lots of dinnerware in his travels. Some is made from sugarcane, some from recycled paper and all of it is great. But LEAFWARE has taken dinnerware one step further. They gather Palm leafs and make plates and bowls in all sizes from the leafs. The products look fantastic and everyone who has bought them from us has given us very positive feedback.”


Leafware going San Francisco Spring Green Festival 10 & 11 April, 2010

“Green Festivals®, a joint project of Global Exchange and Green America, is a walk through a sustainable community begins with finding solutions to help make our lives healthier — socially, economically and environmentally. Individuals along with business and community leaders come together to discuss critical issues that impact us at home and abroad. Organizations and businesses showcase programs and products that restore the planet and all that inhabit it. ”

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Leafware in LA Earth Day Festival April 17th, 2010

“Earth Day on the Promenade 2010 ®,Located in one of the premiere shopping and entertainment destinations in all of Southren California, the famed Thrid Street Promenade in Santa Monica offers many unique and upscale stores and boutiques, & 17 movie screens. Come, enjoy the fun! ”

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Disposable Plates From Leaves

“Now, I'm not talking about products that just change one ingredient or claim to use more recycled content and then slap on a big fat "look at me I'm green" sticker. I'm talking about products that really demonstrate out of the box thinking and the use of materials that only a few short years ago we probably tossed into the trash without a second thought. ”- BethBot

Source: The EcoSpheric